Bohne Audio Yolo Custom active speakers: ribbon tweeters and 21-inch subwoofers

The German company Bohne Audio has presented a replenishment of the Yolo active acoustics series. The Yolo Custom set consists of a pair of stand-up speakers and a pair of subwoofers – just two full-size stereo channels.

Satellites located at the listener level can be considered a variant of the D’Appolito layout. Patented proprietary ribbon tweeters run vertically in the center. They are complemented by a grouping of five speakers in an open acoustic design. Above and below are the lower midrange drivers that play out bass from 80Hz.

A pair of 21-inch subwoofers in cubic enclosures is responsible for full-fledged lows – a standard size that is not so common even in professional acoustics. Each of these monsters is complemented by a pair of 18 “passive radiators. The lower frequency limit of the resulting design is 15 Hz. The declared sensitivity for Bohne Audio Yolo Custom reaches 102 dB / V.

The dipole systems receive the signal from two pairs of bridged amplifiers of 2×600 + 2×200 VA. A 2.5 kW class D amplifier is connected to each of the subwoofers. The Trinnov Altitude 32 processor serves as a crossover for the entire grouping. It also provides sound tuning and room acoustics correction.

The Bohne Audio recommended their systems for large rooms. The cost of the system is not indicated.

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