Atlas Cables Eos Modular 2.5: 6 Channel Power Splitter

Atlas Cables recommended replacing conventional power strips with their 6-socket Eos Modular 2.5. For audio-video networks, such a replacement promises greater reliability and noise immunity. The internal wiring of the novelty is made with a copper conductor with a cross section of 2.5mm², which, according to Atlas Cables, will provide “ensuring unimpeded power transmission between individual sockets with minimal resistive losses”.

The Atlas Cables Eos 2.5 power splitter has an extruded aluminum body, inside which, according to the developer, “each socket is optimised”. Already the case itself well shields its contents from interference.

Atlas Cables Eos Modular 2.5

In addition, there are no sources of electrical noise and bounce that are common for cheap splitters: neon indicators, unreliable fuse holders and connections, low-quality wiring or busbars. The device stands securely on any surface with rubber feet or metal spikes. Wall mounting is also provided.

According to Atlas Cables, the greatest synergy in quality is achieved when the Eos Modular 2.5 runs as part of a complete proprietary power management system. At the very least, the company strongly recommended using it with Eos dd, Eos 4dd, or Eos Superior shielded network cables.

It is also possible to use the device’s built-in direct ground channel for shielded interconnects, but Atlas Cables emphasized that it will work correctly only with the proprietary Grun Coherent Earth system. Like all Eos models, the 2.5 Power Splitter is available with UK 13A, Schuko or Nema connectors.

In the UK, a 6-channel Atlas Cables Eos 2.5 Power Splitter will cost around £400.

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