Ridtahler Die Weiche: active subwoofer crossover with subsonic equalizer

The German firm Ridtahler has released the Die Weiche active subwoofer crossover. The device is built on a fully analogue dual mono circuit.

The available filters operate in the range from 50 to 250 Hz with a frequency slope of 24 dB / oct. There is a separate infrasound control unit: level adjustment ± 6 dB in the range from 1 Hz to 40 Hz in 1 Hz steps. Also on board there is a switchable RiPole correction in the form of a band-stop filter for different frequencies.

You can output the signal in mono mode via XLR. Two subwoofers can be connected via RCA. The user can control the volume using a separate massive knob in the center.

The company noted that the crossover received an external power supply. The device was recommended for various types of sub-buffer systems, including RiPole / Dipole configurations.

In Germany, the cost of an active crossover for Ridtahler Die Weiche subwoofers was 1,550 euros.

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