REL launches T/9i RED: subwoofer in “Italian red”

One of the most popular REL subwoofers, the flagship of the T / i series, the T / 9i, is available in red lacquer. The novelty is distinguished primarily by its design: a lot of time, according to REL, was spent on the selection of Italian red, the very shade of Ferrari’s supercars of the legendary GT series from the 80s. And this despite the fact that REL subwoofers have so far been produced in any color from the “black or white” set.

However, the design changes are not only external. REL T / 9i RED Ltd. Edition is almost 2 kg heavier. The cabinet is strengthened, its rigidity is increased. Supports made of black carbon fiber composite are responsible for its stability.


The 300W class AB amplifier in the REL T / 9i RED is powered by a classic line source. Cable connections are filtered and unfiltered line inputs, and a high-level input with a Speakon connector is also provided. The wireless signal is transmitted without using compression Arrow technology – this wireless module is purchased separately.

The updated REL T / 9i RED driver combines the rigidity of an aluminum layer with acoustic neutrality and the low weight of an internally reinforced carbon fiber composite. The developers have promised parameters that are superior to much more expensive models. The ten-inch driver is directed forward and is complemented by a downward-firing passive radiator of the same caliber. With a flatness of -6 dB, the lower frequency limit of the subwoofer is 28 Hz.


The driver on the front of the subwoofer looks impressive even when covered with a translucent fabric grill. The design highlight of the REL T / 9i RED is a chrome metal logo in a black carbon frame. Sales of new items on the Russian market will begin in the near future. REL T / 9i RED is already available in the UK and costs £1,200.