KLH Ultimate One – retro style and pure beryllium, cheap

KLH Audio has introduced a new version of the top model of the Ultimate One covering headphones in Europe. And if you thought that it was a bit like the Klipsch Heritage HP-3, you imagined it.

The fact is that new owner of KLH has been working for Klipsch for quite a long time. However, external similarity does not mean identity. For example, KLH Ultimate One headphones use dynamic drivers that have a 50mm aperture made of pure beryllium.

Other design elements also indicate the flagship status of the model – the body of cups made of precious wood, ear pads and trim of headband made of genuine leather, fasteners and a headband made of steel. Claimed frequency range of Ultimate One is from 18 to 22,000Hz, sensitivity is 97dB, weight is only 340 grams. The most interesting thing about the model is its price.

KLH Ultimate One headphones will be sold on the European market for 350 euro, which is very inexpensive for such a finish and beryllium drivers.

Source: KLH Audio

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