The compact USB-C interface Motu UltraLite-mk5 allows you to simultaneously control 40 independent channels

American music equipment manufacturer Motu has released an updated version of the UltraLite USB interface. The fifth-generation UltraLite-mk5 is equipped with 18 inputs and 22 outputs, which in total gives the musician the opportunity to work simultaneously with 40 independent channels.

On board the Motu UltraLite-mk5, there are two combined XLR/TRS universal inputs for microphones, instruments, or line switching. There are also six standard line inputs, 10 line outputs, one headphone output, eight channels based on the optical ADAT protocol, and a MIDI input / output. In addition, there is S/PDIF on RCA.

Motu UltraLite-mk5

To make it easier for the user to monitor the signals, the company has provided the interface with a display on the front panel.

The ESS ES9026 PRO chip is responsible for converting the signal to Motu UltraLite-mk5. The claimed dynamic range was 125 dB. The company also noted THD+N at -124 dB and sampling frequency up to 192 kHz. Separately, Motu paid attention to the low delay of the signal with a send-return via USB-C in 2.4 ms.

Motu UltraLite-mk5

The UltraLite-mk5 comes with CueMix 5 software for macOS, Windows, and iOS. In the US, the cost of the UltraLite-mk5 USB-C interface was $595.

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