PSB Speakers and Audiodo will release headphones with an individual sound calibration system

PSB Speakers and Audiodo (specialists in audio adaptation technologies for the listener) have announced a joint project that will release PSB headphones with built-in Audiodo Personal Sound algorithms.

It should be noted that PSB has always paid attention to psychoacoustics technologies. For example, the built-in m4u 8 headphone amplifier is based on the proprietary RoomFeel technology, which creates the feeling of a full-size stereo system with rich sound.Audiodo engineers are also interested in creating products that affect the individual perception of audio. Thus, the two companies jointly decided to create special headphones that allow you to listen to music not only with the “effect” of the stereo system, but also with the ability to calibrate for yourself. According to Audiodo, this technology is necessary because we all perceive the same musical material differently.

The system for adjusting the sound to individual characteristics will be based on sound tests, as well as on surveys (apparently, we are talking about a special application for headphones). Paul Barton, head of PSB Speakers, said that “users will hear musical details that they haven’t heard before”. So far, no technical information about the new headphones from PSB Speakers and Audiodo has been reported. The product announcement will be made later.