Audiosense AQ7: 6 Knowles armature drivers and a 10mm titanium diaphragm

Audiosense, the company that created designer models of in-ear headphones with armature drivers, announced the next flagship model — AQ7. In the “top” Audiosense models, specially configured Knowles drivers are installed. This time in AQ7, Audiosense developers used as many as seven emitters, including both armature and dynamic drivers.

The new product has a 10mm driver with a titanium diffuser, which is close in its parameters to analogues using beryllium. The other six emitters are three pairs of Knowles rebar models. A pair of Knowles 31618 is responsible for low frequencies, a pair of custom models operates in the mid-frequency range, and two SWFK3173 reproduce the upper range of the spectrum.

Each driver receives exactly its own signal from the built-in passive 4-way crossover. All components of Audiosense AQ7 are assembled in a case that is created using 3D printing technology from hypoallergenic biologically neutral plastic. Separately, the company noted its strength and durability. Audiosense AQ7 received MMCX connectors that will allow you to choose a new cable for your headphones in the future. The basic configuration includes an 8-wire cable of complex weave made of monocrystalline copper, enclosed in transparent insulation.

Audiosense AQ7 are scheduled to appear on the US market by the end of this month at a price of $500.