Torus Power introduced toroidal isolation transformers in the AVR Elite series

Canadian Torus Power has introduced a series of AVR Elite (AVR — Automatic Voltage Regulation) — power filters based on toroidal transformers. These devices are designed to improve the power supply of audio and video equipment and increase the safety of its use. According to Torus Power employees, the use of transformers using the patented Narrow Bandwidth technology makes it possible to neutralize almost all artifacts of power line noise.

The series includes three models designed for a network voltage of 170-270 V: AVR-2 Elite 8, AVR-2 Elite 16 and AVR-2 Elite 30. They provide a maximum current of 8, 16 and 30 a, respectively. The ideology of these devices assumes an appropriate weight: 35.5, 56.5 and 85.5 kg. They are issued with socket options that meet certain regional standards.These devices are created in a “rack” size, with a black or silver surface of the cases.

They automatically maintain the output voltage with an accuracy of ±8 V and protect the devices connected to them from impulses, surges, drops and over-voltage.If necessary, the system itself is disconnected from the power supply and automatically turns on when the mains voltage returns to normal. AVR Elite models run on a 32-bit processor. They can be managed over a local network from a tablet or phone, with password protection and the ability to receive notifications of malfunctions via email.However, management functions are implemented in the browser, so you do not need to install special SOFTWARE.

Remote power management is implemented using a special Torus Power Connect 2 site linked to the cloud storage of device data. The second version of this resource was created for AVR Elite models.In particular, you can control whether any zone is enabled or disabled, and the schedule is stored in the device’s memory. And if you lose your Internet connection, the automatic reboot feature allows you to remotely restart your router or modem.

Power can be switched on in any sequence, with a choice of time delays between zones. You can also create a schedule with up to six events per zone per day. The built-in memory of AVR Elit models can hold up to 10,000 events in offline mode.In the description of their products, Torus Power employees explained: “connect your audio equipment to the torus Power isolation transformer and it will come to life — with more dynamics, improved display, and cleaner, amplified bass. The video will become clearer, with darker black and brighter colors”.