Tronsmart Provides 2020 Cheapest Qualcomm TWS Earphones Ever on AliExpress

Are you still staying at home? Do you feel bored? Wanna peace? Music can help you! Thus you need a good earphone! However, you might have limited budget as you have less incoming because of the situation now outside. Don’t worry! Tronsmart is going to provide the cheapest Qualcomm True Wireless Earphones in 2020! The most popular Qualcomm TWS models Tronsmart Spunky Beat and Tronsmart Onyx Neo which have been listed on Qualcomm aptX website and recommended by millions of professional media!Now you can get such good earphones with only 19.66USD and 18.99USD during May4-May 7 on AliExpress! Believe me, this will be the cheapest Qualcomm TWS earphones from the whole network!What special of these two earbuds? Why you need to get them?

Tronsmart Qualcomm Spunky Beat True Wireless Earphones

Price: 19.66USD after coupons

Coupon Code (6 USD): BEAT6USD


Reasons to get: Tronsmart Spunky Beat, AliExpress Awards, is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 chip which gives you the best sound quality, more stable connection, lower latency, and lower power consumption. It produces detailed sound and deep bass for real aptX™(You can check on aptX website), AAC & SBC audio formats. To ensure the ensure the most portable using experience, it is designed with two ways of charging: one integrated USB-A charging cable and one type-C charging port for fast charge. 24 hours play time with charging case allows you to enjoy the music the whole day without interruption. IPX5 rated waterproof makes you feel free to use no matter rain or sweat. Plus, it also supports voice assistant. With this hands free operation feature, you don’t need to worry about the bacteria when your hands touch some other places. It is definitely your best choice to kill the bored time at home!

Tronsmart Qualcomm Onyx Neo True Wireless Earphones 

Price: 18.99USD after coupons

Coupon Code (1 USD): NEO19USD


Reasons to get: Same like Spunky Beat which got AliExpress Awards, Tronsmart Onxy Neo is also equipped with a QualcommQCC3020 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0 and modern audio codecs like aptX, AAC, SBC. Besides, it can support a single charge for up to 7 hours. Taking into account recharging from the case, the total autonomy reaches 24 hours. Similar like Spunky Beat, it is also equipped with IPX5 waterproof and voice assistant. Tronsmart Onyx Neo, the Spunky Beat Affordable Version, has smaller size and cheaper price!

Remember, all promotion is only for May 4-May 7! Do not miss the chance to save your budget!

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