Smart speakers based on Google Assistant are now compatible with Apple Music

Google has added compatibility with the Apple Music service to all devices based on the Google Assistant. This also applies to the Nest product line (recall that in October, Google introduced the Nest Audio column with increased performance).

Now all owners of smart speakers and displays with Google Assistant will be able to choose Apple Music as the default music source. You can control playback using voice commands. In addition, the user can launch an album, playlist, or song on all speakers connected to the same multiroom system at once.

From December 7, the new feature should start appearing on devices with Google Assistant in the United States, great Britain, France, Germany and Japan.

If all goes well and Apple Music support is abandoned forever, then smart speakers based on Google’s assistant will become almost the most versatile products in terms of online streaming. The only exceptions are Amazon Music and Tidal-Google speakers don’t have native compatibility with these services yet.

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