N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO: Precision Power, OCXO Oscillator and Audiophile Network Connectors

Hong Kong based brand N&E Audio has introduced the Silent Switch OCXO audiophile network switch, designed to improve the quality of digital audio streaming for streamers, music servers, NAS, DACs, etc. As stated, for this purpose, the design of a conventional network switch had to be completely rethought.

It turned out to be a full-size device of the “rack” format in a strong metal case. Its linear power supply is built on discrete elements. The heart of the system was the OCXO thermostatic clock generator, for which it was necessary to install a cooling radiator made on CNC machines. The result is a jitter of up to 0.25-0.35 ps.

N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO

Silent Switch OCXO works without problems with long patch cords. The device has eight audiophile-class network connectors and is supplemented with a ground switch, which allows you to select an option with a minimum of network interference. According to N&E Audio, this feature is added to the network switch for the first time in the world.

N&E Audio Silent Switch OCXO

In the US, the Silent Switch OCXO costs $800.

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