Pioneer VM-50, VM-70, and VM-80 active monitor speaker: Aramid bass speakers, aluminum pads, and Vortex Bass Accelerator

According to the company, the three premium Pioneer VM series monitors are designed for those who “seek to integrate a club and studio atmosphere into their own space”. And this is in the context of a pandemic, when the club atmosphere is almost unattainable. The presented models-VM-50, VM-70 and VM-80-belong to the near-field monitors.

All three models received the same body design with large beveled front panels, reinforced with 4-mm aluminum plates. Among themselves, the monitors are distinguished by the size of the low-frequency speakers with a diffuser made of aramid composite (it is claimed that it has become 30% lighter than its analogues). These are three versions with a diameter of 5.25, 6.5 and 8 inches.

Pioneer VM-50 VM-70 and VM-80 active monitor speaker

Accordingly, the size of the cabinets differs, and with it the low — frequency limit (40, 37 and 34 Hz). At the same time, all three models received the same tweeters in a horn design, working up to 36 kHz.

Pioneer VM-50 VM-70 and VM-80 active monitor speaker

To improve the bass, the Pioneer VM Series monitors received a rear-facing Vortex Bass Accelerator with fins that align the flow. The new products are equipped with Class D amplifiers with a DSP operating at a frequency of 96 kHz. On the back panel, the volume control and the frequency response controls on the upper low frequencies are displayed with four presets for each.

Pioneer VM-50 VM-70 and VM-80 active monitor speaker

All three models will be available in early April — in black. The youngest, VM-50, will be complemented by a white and silver version of the VM-50B.

In the US, both versions of the Pioneer VM-50 monitor will cost $170 apiece, the VM-70 will cost $230, and the VM-80 will cost $290.

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