Eryk S Concept boutique has released a limited edition Vintage acoustics in 12 sets

Polish audiophile family boutique business Eryk S Concept has unveiled Vintage two-way loudspeakers, designed by Eryk Smolski, a longtime partner of the company.

The speakers were released in a limited edition of 12 sets, of which only 10 were on sale. Eryk S Concept presented a photo of the novelty, assembled in a case with a massive front panel, which received wide bevels along the edges to correct the directivity pattern.

Eryk S Concept Vintage

The low-frequency driver, protected by a circular fabric grill, is complemented in Vintage rather not by a tweeter, but by a mid-high frequency speaker. Its rather large cone received a polypropylene external suspension. This radiator appears to provide a wider frequency range downward.

Eryk S Concept Vintage

This allegedly reduced the crossover frequency, improving the ability to reproduce distortion-critical vocal range. The speakers are assembled in a bass-reflex cabinet. The backward-facing slot-type bass reflex has rounded “aerodynamic” edges.

The Vintage speakers have been given a dark red matte finish. For pricing and other details, please contact Eryk S Concept directly.