Updated Tellurium Q Blue Cables: Reinforced Asymmetric Shielding and Better Insulation

British company Tellurium Q has upgraded its popular entry-level Blue cables to MK II. Outwardly, the new items practically do not differ from their predecessors – except in shades of insulation. According to Tellurium Q, Blue MK II cables will also not require additional costs.

Blue MK II cables have been enhanced with asymmetrical shielding. The insulation contains several new dielectrics, the use of which should improve the transmission of the audio signal. Tellurium Q noted that internal structural changes have been made to the cables with geometry corrections and some conductor changes.

Tellurium Q Blue

As promised, the Tellurium Q Blue MK II cables remain unchanged: in the UK, a pair of Blue MK II interconnects with XLR connectors will cost £235 per meter. The RCA option will cost £180.

Tellurium Q Blue

The Blue MK II speaker cable costs £16.50 per meter. Tellurium Q Blue MK II cables are already available in the UK, next in line to the EU and the rest of the world.