HiFiMan TWS800 headphones received drivers with nano-processed membranes and high impedance

HiFiMan introduced the second model of TWS800 separate wireless earbuds. The novelty, judging by the price, belongs to premium products, outwardly it differs from the first-born by the abundance of metal surfaces.

HiFiMan TWS800

But the main feature of the HiFiMan TWS800 is still inside. Their speakers are equipped with a proprietary topological diaphragm (Topological Diaphragm). For improved detail, they are coated with nanoparticles, the composition of which has not been disclosed – just like the type of new magnets installed to increase sensitivity. In addition, the voice coil in the TWS800 has 150 Ohm impedance, which is not typical for its class. This, in turn, required the use of appropriate amplifier circuitry.

According to representatives of the company, all these measures contribute to greater detail in the sound, as a result the headphones operate in the classic “high-grade” range of 20Hz – 20kHz.

HiFiMan TWS800

For wireless communication, TWS800 uses Bluetooth 5.0 with support for low latency technology – low latency will allow you to comfortably perceive, for example, soundtracks for movies. On a single charge, the headphones themselves will work for 4.5 hours, then a metal charging case can add another 31.5 hours. The TWS800 is IPX4 sweat and dust resistant.

The appearance of the HiFiMan TWS800 headphones on sale is promised until the end of October. In the US, their MSRP is $299.