Titan Audio introduced the FFT module to protect power cables from radio frequency and electromagnetic interference

Belfast-based Titan Audio, a manufacturer of audiophile power supply products, has unveiled a ForceField Technology (FFT) module that integrates into all Titan Audio power cords starting with Helios.

The FFT module is an active device designed to suppress radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic (EMI) interference. These are factors that have a serious negative impact on the performance of audio equipment. They accompany microwave devices like microwave ovens or Wi-Fi routers.

As stated by the representatives of Titan Audio, the FFT technology protects the power cable from this interference, as if creating an invisible shield along the entire length around it. According to the company, this results in a tangible improvement in overall sonic performance.

The FFT module itself is assembled in an extruded aluminum case with top and bottom black plastic covers. Through the connection point, which is available on the Titan Audio models, the device is connected to the proprietary mains power cable. So the FFT module is also suitable for upgrading existing models.

For each such module, you will have to provide an additional outlet – it is powered from its own source. In the future, Titan Audio expects to launch a more powerful power supply unit that will serve up to five FFT modules at the same time.

The company’s website already has a counter of the time left until the release of the new item. The appointed date is October 18th. The price is also known – in the UK, the Titan Audio FFT module will cost £250.