Crystal Cable Launches Gold and Silver Audiophile Network Cables CrystalNetwork Diamond and CrystalNetwork Absolute Dream

Crystal Cable has expanded the catalog with two digital audio cables. The CrystalNetwork Diamond model features silver / gold alloy conductors created by Crystal Cable. The CrystalNetwork Absolute Dream model also features proprietary conductors, but uses “latest generation” monocrystalline silver. According to the company, both materials will eliminate any minor distortion. The manufacturer used high quality polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for the insulation layer. It features double shielding and fully protected RJ-45 connectors.

Crystal Cable

Crystal Cable said its new network cables “will preserve and protect audio data”, giving the listener all the musical nuances and details. According to the manufacturer, when transferring music over a network, not only speed is important, but also data integrity. This is what CrystalNetwork Absolute Dream and CrystalNetwork Diamond should take care of. The company has yet to reveal the cost of the new cables.

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