Lotoo has released a limited edition of the PAW Gold Touch Titanium portable player

Lotoo has introduced a limited edition version of the FLAGSHIP paw gold Touch portable player — as the name implies, the Titanium model has a fully titanium body. The body is made of TA15 alloy, which is used in the automotive and aerospace industries due to the perfect combination of properties that make it superior to pure titanium.

This lightweight, strong material is characterized by high viscosity and low elasticity, low thermal conductivity, high strength and corrosion resistance. Working with this metal is very difficult, so the prototyping and debugging stage of technical processes took several years.

PAW Gold Touch Titanium limited edition

However, the player differs from the standard version not only in its body: according to the developers, the limited PAW Gold Touch should be a combination of visual, tactile and sound sensations in their maximum form, so the circuitry has also been changed. The limited version has a higher power — 720 mW, which will allow the player to work even with the most demanding headphones.

PAW Gold Touch Titanium limited edition

Otherwise, the technical characteristics are the same: DAC based on AK4497EQ and XRC AK4137EQ, opa1622/LME49600 operatives, support for DSD up to 512, two headphone outputs — balanced 4.4 mm and unbalanced.

The developers announced a signal-to-noise ratio of 127 dB on the balanced output and 125 dB on the unbalanced output. The harmonic distortion coefficient was 0.00015% and 0.0002%, respectively.

PAW Gold Touch Titanium limited edition

In addition to the player itself, the package includes a case, a charging cable, a film on the screen, a rag and a souvenir cube made of titanium alloy TA15. Each limited player will display a unique serial number when loading. The cost of the Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Titanium amounted to 3 699 USD. In total, the company will release 999 such players.

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