Luxury & Precision P6 Pro portable player: discrete R-2R DAC, energy-efficient display and proprietary OS

The Chinese company Luxury & Precision managed to equip its P6 Pro mobile player with an R-2R DAC, which, according to the manufacturer, is equivalent to using 16 PCM 1704K chips. It is claimed that the matrix volume control system (LLMVS) will create high lossless dynamics even with minimal output signal.

The new product shows an improved dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio of up to 125 dB. Luxury & Precision recommended using the P6 Pro with high-end armature in-channel monitors.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro

The P6 Pro received a touchscreen display with reduced power consumption and reduced electromagnetic interference. The built-in Bluetooth module is equipped with its own FPGA chipset to improve the accuracy of audio transmission. All of this is managed by a proprietary minimalistic operating system (not Android). The built-in processor is also focused on minimal power consumption.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro

The novelty received a wooden finish and is complemented by a protective cover made of leather. The cost of the Luxury & Precision P6 Pro player in the United States was $3,900.

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