Accuphase DG-68 digital equalizer: 40-bit floating point DSP and touch control

The Japanese company Accuphase has introduced the Accuphase DG-68 digital equalizer. The novelty belongs to the fifth generation of equalizers in the company’s catalog, and the first of them under the DG-28 index appeared in 1997. The DG-68 has three main applications: spectrum analyzer function, sound field correction and, in fact, audio signal equalization.

Accuphase DG-68

The novelty is based on the Analog Devices ADSP-21489 40-bit floating point DSP. The signal for it is prepared by 32-bit ADCs based on AK5578EN from Asahi Kasei Microdevices. The signal is converted back to the analog version by ES9028PRO DACs from ESS Technology. Both analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversions use ANCC technology (Accuphase Noise and Distortion Canceling Cuircut, translated from English – “Accuphase noise and distortion suppression circuit”).

Accuphase DG-68

The inputs and outputs of the Accuphase DG-68 are analog unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR, there are also digital optical and coaxial S / PDIF. In addition, there is a proprietary Accuphase HS-Link interface (RJ-45 connector), through which the signal is transmitted to PCM (up to 32 bit / 384 kHz) or DSD (up to 5.6).

Accuphase DG-68

The spectrum analyzer of the digital equalizer Accuphase DG-68 operates in 35 ranges at frequencies up to 50 kHz. The complete measuring microphone is connected on the front panel. The graphic equalizer operates in 1/6-octave steps in 67 frequency bands, with a range of ± 12 dB. The device offers Auto Voicing mode, which automatically corrects the sound field. In turn, Smooth Voicing equalizes the characteristics of the left and right channels. Manual Voicing is also available – manual correction mode.

The main control of the Accuphase DG-68 is a touch screen that occupies most of the front panel. The stylus for convenient work with it is located on the side, in a special slot. Screenshots can be saved to a USB storage device with a port on the back. The system provides 30 memory locations for storing settings, they can be named. The required setting will allow you to use the included remote control.The digital equalizer Accuphase DG-68 is already on sale. Its cost in European stores was 14,690 euro.

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