Yamaha MSP3A Monitor: Twisted Flare Port Phase Inverter and a variety of connections

In the design of MSP3A active monitors, Yamaha developers have added an improved Twisted Flare Port phase inverter to the proven model of the MSP3 control monitor. In their opinion, this made it possible to simplify the design and achieve a cleaner sound of the lower frequencies.

The built-in 22-Watt Yamaha MSP3A amplifier serves the same 10-cm woofer and 2.2-cm dome tweeter. Various switching options (XLR/TRS, TRS and RCA connectors) are complemented by the possibility of separate volume control of the two inputs. In addition, low and high frequency timbre controls are displayed on the front panel.

Yamaha MSP3A

Yamaha proposed using the MSP3A “as a monitor in a recording studio, in educational institutions, in cafes and restaurants, for post-production in television and radio broadcasting”. At the same time, Yamaha MSP3A will be able to prove themselves in the home setup as well.

Yamaha MSP3A

The Yamaha MSP3A received a discreet black design. In addition to desktop or shelf placement, there are many options for mounting the Yamaha MSP3A with the help of options — the monitors can be installed on the wall, on racks and even on the ceiling.

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