Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will get spatial sound and will be able to recognize the owner’s voice

The Galaxy Buds Pro headphones will get a spatial sound mode. The developers left information about this on Samsung’s servers-in the description of the updated version of the Galaxy Buds mobile app. As a result, the function designated as “3D audio for videos” (3D audio for videos), it became known that it works best in the immediate vicinity of the smartphone.

It seems that we are talking about something similar to the dynamic motion tracking that AirPods Max headphones are equipped with. Spatial audio mode for movies and TV content is also available in another Apple product-AirPods Pro, connected to an iPhone or iPad. By analogy, we can assume that “3D sound for video” will appear in the Galaxy Buds Pro when connected to a Samsung smartphone running Android at least version 11.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds app also revealed voice recognition-the Voice Detect feature. Headphones, “hearing” the speech of its owner, will automatically switch to transparency mode and reduce the volume. Something similar is in the Sony 1000xm4 headphones, but in such cases they simply stop playback.

It is expected that the full information about the Galaxy Buds Pro will be revealed at the Samsung Unpacked online event, scheduled for January 14. The start of sales of the new product is scheduled for January 29, 2021.

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