Auris Audio HA-2SF headphone amp: remote power supply and arrow indicators

Serbian company Auris Audio has released a tube amplifier for headphones HA-2SF-a development of the popular model HA-2SE. With minimal differences in the name, the HA-2SF bears little resemblance to its predecessor. The case with leather and wood trim has become lower — some of the electronics have been removed from it. This time the power supply is made remote — so that this source of interference and interference can now be moved away from the amplifier.

Instead, the HA-2SF got a pair of arrow indicators, which gave the novelty an even more vintage look. In addition to the unbalanced connectors, the HA-2SF received a balanced input and a balanced headphone output. The device can also be used as a preamp — a separate RCA output is provided for this purpose.

Auris Audio HA-2SF

The three-position impedance selector of the headphones was placed in the recess of the upper panel. Nearby, in the same recesses, there is a volume encoder and an input selector, of which there are still three in the HA-2SF.

The four PL95 triodes in the HA-2SF were replaced with ECC99, leaving only the double ECC82 triode in its place. In addition, according to Auris Audio, the amplifier has passive elements of a premium class. It is claimed that the novelty showed “sensational vocal reproduction” with tonal clarity and transparency throughout the range.

Auris Audio HA-2SF

As for the price, in the UK, the Auris Audio HA-2SF will cost 2,500£ – about 20% more than its predecessor.

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