Elipson Heritage XLS: three-way speakers in the design of the 70s with tuning sound of mid and high frequencies

The Heritage XLS speakers do not look like any of the other models of the French company Elipson. The design of these not too large three-lane roads fully corresponds to their name (Heritage in translation — “Heritage”).

This is a chunky old-school Cabinet with wood trim, the black front panel of which can be completely covered with a cloth grill. A white cellulose 30 cm woofer diffuser with a black Central dust cap will still be slightly visible through the fabric.

The picture is complemented by a new dome midrange with a diameter of 55 mm and a silk tweeter, which is borrowed from the flagship Elipson model of the Prestige Facet series. The port of the variable aerodynamic shape phase inverter is also located here.


Strictly in the spirit of the 70s on the front panel there is a plate with a graph of the amplitude-frequency response of Heritage XLS. Above it is a pair of regulators that can adjust this characteristic at medium and high frequencies. With an impedance of 6 Ohms, the speakers show a sensitivity of 92 dB, and the maximum recommended power reaches 200 watts.

The style of the 70s of the last century, as a rule, did not provide for the installation of speakers on spikes — and Heritage XLS was equipped with two stands at once, or rather, bases. You can put the speakers vertically (on the base or without it) or with an inclination of 7° – more preferably for the right sound. There is also an optional stand made by NorStone in the form of a metal chair, which follows the same slope and in addition raises the Heritage XLS by 19 cm.

A pair of three-lane Heritage XLS produced by Elipson costs 1,990 euros in Europe.

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