Snapods TWS headphones: a symbiosis of a charging case with a phone

California based development group Scendo (from the word crescendo) has unveiled TWS Hi-Fi Snapods on Kickstarter. As stated, the main advantage of the novelty is its inseparable connection with the smartphone. The case of the Snapods charging case is made open, and the headphones are fixed in it on magnetic mounts. The case itself is firmly attached to the back of the smartphone using a special frame with an adhesive surface, on which it is also fixed with magnets. Naturally, the entire structure is made as flat as possible. The creators of the design assured that the mounts will not separate even upon impact.

Snapods can receive contactless charging “on the fly” from their smartphone – for this, the advanced configuration includes a charger. You can also charge Snapods via USB-C. The earbuds run on their own batteries for at least 4 hours at maximum volume, and the charging case will add another 16 hours. Three LED indicators on its body show the charge level.

The headphones work with Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm technologies, support aptX high-definition audio codec. Qualcomm’s CVC algorithms suppress echoes and background noise for enhanced voice clarity.

Bluetooth headphones are used in master-slave mode, but any of them can be the “master”, so you can use one earbud for a conversation. Touch controls on the surface of the earbuds will allow you to toggle playback modes, control volume and receive calls. Almost a couple of months before the completion of the project, the Snapods have already received $8,801 at the required $10,000 for an all-or-nothing launch. The minimum price for which Snapods can be obtained on Kickstarter is $69 (it is assumed that the future price of Snapods without discount will be $100).

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