Ansuz Rezonator: A device for suppressing unwanted vibration of audio components

Ansuz Acoustics, a Danish manufacturer of cables and accessories for high-end audio, has introduced the Ansuz Rezonator. This device is designed to create a “mechanical grounding” of the components of the audio set-up, to form a cleaner and more natural environment for listening to music — so it was described in Ansuz Acoustics.

Ansuz Rezonator was suggested to be placed where it will provide the best effect. It is for this new product, according to Ansuz, the novelty has received the optimal size. The Ansuz Rezonator consists of a titanium rod of correct proportions on two Ansuz Darkz supports.

Ansuz Rezonator

In turn, the supports are a structure of three aluminum discs with a particularly hard anodized surface. between each of the two adjacent disks are three titanium balls. they provide darkz with their antiresonance properties. In this case, the three discs are held together by a specially designed mechanism.

Ansuz rezonator was offered in two versions: ansuz rezonator t2 made of pure titanium and ansuz rezonator t2 supreme made of sandblasted titanium with an acoustically optimized coating of zirconium, tungsten and titanium and aluminum nitride. The price of Ansuz Rezonator devices is not yet known.

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