Spotify Mini Player now on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has fulfilled his promise — a Spotify mini-player has appeared on Facebook. We warned about this quite recently. Facebook has already announced other audio features: similar to Clubhouse Live Audio Rooms and Soundbites sound clips.

Now every user will be able to listen to Spotify without leaving Facebook. Or browse Facebook without stopping listening to Spotify – depending on your priorities. The partnerships of the companies resulted in a software mini-player for news feed with an extremely simple interface. It is already available in 27 countries, including the USA.

The audio you like can be shared from Spotify to Facebook. On the player, just press the play button and your subscriber will start listening. Moreover, it will not stop automatically – Spotify will continue its work in its usual, random order.

Free subscribers will immediately receive ads from Spotify, and Facebook will be able to use “limited data” about users of the player using Big Data technologies – the type of subscription and so on. According to Spotify, Facebook will not use this information to target ads. Listeners will be asked to agree to these terms the first time they use the player.

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