Facebook and Spotify to launch Project Boombox player

Blogger Casey Newton, who talks about streaming platforms, took a Discord interview with Mark Zuckerberg. It turned out that Facebook wants to match the Clubhouse in the ability to listen to music without leaving the social network. The idea of ​​using Spotify to do this led to a special audio player called Project Boombox for now.

This is only part of Facebook’s audio innovation – the social network has already offered the ability to view and stream podcasts from within its app. As for the announced audio player, it will also allow listening to music and podcasts, with its own capabilities for both paid and free Spotify users.

Spotify commented: “We have always strived to make Spotify ubiquitous across all platforms and devices, and our new Facebook integration is another step in that direction”.

The announced dates for the appearance of the Project Boombox player are “earlier than several months”. And the audio news from Facebook, according to employees, will not stop there.

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