Atlas Cables Achromatic Z and RCA connectors: reduced weight, improved contact and cold welding

The Scottish company Atlas Cables presented the connectors Achromatic. So far, these are two types of models: RCA for inter — component cables and Z, better known as “banana” – for acoustic cables. New items are already available. They replaced the existing Integra connectors for all the company’s cables.

The name Achromatic in this case translates as “colorless”. This corresponds to the Atlas Cables credo: the cable should not add anything to the sound of the system, but, on the contrary, minimize the loss of information and do not color the sound. To do this, the new products have been significantly simplified: the weight of the metal part of the RCA connector has been reduced by 8%, and the Z — by more than a third. At the same time, according to Atlas, it was possible to improve the contact geometry, stability and even environmental friendliness of Achromatic connectors.

Atlas Cables Achromatic Z and RCA connectors

For connection to the cable, as before, end sealing with crimping (cold welding) is used. The manufacturer emphasized that this is a carefully calibrated technology using specially developed equipment. This connection avoids breaks or deformations that can degrade the connection.

A Single z Achromatic plug in black or red costs £ 12 in the UK. A ready-made Element Achromatic RCA stereo cable of half a meter length will cost 80 pounds.

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