Russ Andrews presented two versions of Torlyte Platform stands for compact devices

Designed by Russ Andrews, Torlyte Platform stands can now harmoniously fit into a smaller component setup.

The new Torlyte Platform small and medium fit, for example, the Cyrus Audio models or older Naim half-width models. Smaller equipment platforms are naturally sized for appropriate weight to still effectively counteract acoustic feedback.

Russ Andrews Torlyte Platform stands

Interestingly, the Torlyte platforms themselves weigh a little. According to Russ Andrews, acoustic feedback is the main cause of time lag or smearing in music, and it is compounded by the use of massive props. This is why Torlyte platforms are lightweight.

The mid- and small-sized Torlyte features a low-profile, oversized Jumbo Cone Foot. For stability, the platforms received not four, but three points of support.

In the UK, Torlyte Platform small with dimensions of 220x200x50 mm and medium (250x390x50 mm) can be purchased for £174 and £205, respectively.