Amper Hydropower speaker: Bluetooth powered by shower water power

The symbiosis of a Bluetooth speaker with a hydroelectric power plant was presented on Kickstarter by Amper from New York. The novelty, designed for use in the shower and called Hydropower, is installed on the water supply pipe directly in front of the diffuser.

A jet of water drives the turbine of a power generator, which powers the electronics of an active speaker with a broadband driver and two passive radiators. It is capable of spreading sound 360 ° and turns on automatically when water is supplied.

Amper Hydropower

Naturally, all this is assembled in a housing with appropriate moisture protection, which, by the way, is made of recycled ocean plastic. The remote control can also be used in water. The only problem may be the sound source – as a rule, a smartphone poorly protected from water.

Amper Hydropower

Hydropower was offered in three color options and, according to Kickstarter, delivery of the finished devices anywhere in the world is scheduled for January. With the required $15,000 equivalent to start the project, Hydropower has already raised more than $40,000. The minimum pre-order price for the US model with a 41% discount was approximately $60.