In-Akustik LS-404 speaker cable new in the Reference Micro Air series

The German company In-Akustik has released the Reference LS-404 Micro Air speaker cable, which is part of the series of the same name, which German engineers introduced at the beginning of 2020. At the heart of Micro Air technology is the concept of air insulation implemented in AIR Helix cables. In addition, according to In-Akustik, low self-resistance and low inductance are important for speaker cables.

In-Akustik Reference LS-404 Micro Air cable

Concentric copper

The cable uses eight copper conductors in a concentric relationship around a dielectric foam core. Each of them also consists of concentrically placed copper strands. This whole multi-core structure is designed to mutually neutralize the magnetic fields caused by the oppositely directed current.

The result is reduced inductance, which In-Akustik says gives the LS-404 a neutral and balanced audio transmission with precise timing. The LS-404 cable is recommended for full size floorstanding speakers.

In-Akustik Reference LS-404 Micro Air cable

The plug are rhodium plated and are one piece to minimize contact resistance. Each In-Akustik LS-404 cable is assembled by hand in Germany and must pass quality control, including mechanical tests.

In-Akustik Reference LS-404 Micro Air cable

The cost of a pair of three-meter In-Akustik Reference LS-404 Micro Air cables in Australia is already known: with BFA Bananas connectors – 1,600 Australian dollars (about $1,100), and with cable lugs vonnectors – $100 more (about $1200).

In-Akustik Reference LS-404 Micro Air cable Specifications

  • Micro AIR Technology
  • AIR dielectric
  • Concentric Copper wire construction
  • 8-fold multicore architecture
  • Single Wire & Single BiWire
  • Available as BFA, Cable lug or Easy-Plug variant