Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic: OCC conductors in SSG insulation

The British company Atlas Cables LTD has released another model of Achromatic cables – this time acoustic. The new product was named Ailsa and is designed to complement the Atlas interconnect cables that appeared under the same name last year.

According to Kevin Kelly, managing director of Atlas Cables, “Ailsa’s speaker cable bridges the gap between the Hyper and Mavros line.” Atlas noted that the Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable was designed from the ground up, using technology from the more upscale Mavros line. The cable is designed for use in medium and high-end systems.

Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic

Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic includes two stranded OCC copper conductors with a diameter of 3mm. Each is surrounded by an SSG insulating layer, which provides an ultra-stabilized conductor geometry through an extruded outer layer. A microporous PTFE dielectric was used in the insulation.

Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic

The resulting two insulated conductors are padded with anti-vibration cotton filler and encased in a glossy gray round sheath. The Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic is available with two types of Achromatic connectors: banana or S (flat connectors).

Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic

Availability and price

In the UK, the Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic is already available for order. Prices range from £1,400 for 2m to £4,400 for 7m including VAT. Custom lengths available on request.

Atlas Cables Ailsa Achromatic Specifications

  • Construction Multi-core
  • Material OCC
  • Dielectric Microporous PTFE
  • Screen N/A
  • Capacitance 42.08 pF/m
  • Inductance 0.707 µH/m
  • Resistance 0.0059 Ohms/m
  • Outside Diameter 12mm