Audio Engineers Silver 1000 Contact Enhancement Tool: cleaning and filling irregularities with silver

Audio Engineers Group (based in Las Vegas) has announced the imminent release of the Silver 1000 contact enhancement tool. Obviously, realizing that electronics is the science of contacts, American audio engineers did not limit themselves to just cleaning the contact surfaces.

Silver 1000, in accordance with its name, contains microparticles of silver. According to the manufacturer, it will fill in the micro-roughness, providing a large area and stability of the contact. The novelty was recommended to be used in the connections of audio and video equipment — the widest range of devices that Audio Engineers listed on their website.

After using the Silver 1000, the manufacturer promised ultra-sharp, accurate and natural sound, a full frequency range, a wide and deep holographic sound stage, and all the other advantages that electronics with improved contacts can provide. Contact processing with Silver 1000 was recommended to be repeated at least monthly.

The Silver 1000 will be available in February. A 10 ml bottle of the product in Europe will cost 29 euros.

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