JBL TUNE headphone series expands with four models

Just four models of headphones of the TUNE series were announced by JBL. These are JBL TUNE 660NC and JBL TUNE 510BT overlays, JBL TUNE 215BT earbuds and JBL TUNE 125BT in-ear buds. All of them use Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication, and with the possibility of multi-point connection — if desired, you can quickly switch from one source to another. Over-ear headphones also support hands-free calls. All presented models are ready to work with voice assistants.

The fast charging function will allow the overhead models to work for 2 hours after a five-minute charge. In-ear headphones and earbuds will gain energy for an hour of work in 10 minutes. All four provide the signature JBL Pure Bass Sound.


The older of the overhead models, the JBL TUNE 660NC, is equipped with active noise reduction, and its battery after a full charge will provide 55 hours of continuous operation (with noise reduction-44 hours). The JBL TUNE 510BT does not have active noise reduction, and these headphones will work for 40 hours when charged. But they are made foldable.


The JBL TUNE 215BT and JBL TUNE 125BT models are the same in everything except ear contact. The first ones are in — ear headphones, and they do not need silicone in-ear inserts. The two headphones are connected by a flat, non-tangling cable, and in the non-working position they can be connected by magnets built into the cases. The two cable modules contain a microphone, control buttons and a battery. From a single charge, both models will work for 16 hours.


All four new products will be available on the JBL website in mid-March. Prices for the US are as follows: JBL TUNE 660NC — $100, JBL TUNE 510BT – $50, JBL TUNE 215BT and JBL TUNE 125BT – $40 each.

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