Aune S8 DAC: Saber ES9038PRO Chipset and technology from Titans Audio Lab

Aune Audio introduced its S8 reference DAC. The company talked about the “accumulation of technology”, which improved the capabilities of new items. According to staff Aune, during the creation of the S8, the development of hardware required only a third of the time spent. Big went to fine-tune all systems of the device. The S8 is based on the successful, proven Saber ES9038PRO chipset based on HyperStream II.

The new product uses an improved power management system, and the phase-locked frequency-PLL (PLL) system with low phase noise, developed by Titans Audio Lab, brings the S8, according to Aune employees, to an even higher level. The S8 is capable of working with music files up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD512 bitrate. The system has a dual femtosecond timer. Using a combination of XMOS and FPGA, in which XMOS analyzes USB data and FPGA synthesizes audio data, has improved the quality of working with the signal coming over USB.

The DAC’s metal body with an aluminum front panel is available in black or silver. A large monochrome matrix display located in the center of the front panel displays the switching settings, the type and bitrate of the signal being processed. The cost of the Aune Audio S8 DAC in the US market was $899.

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