TAD started selling CR1TX rack speakers in the Compact Reference series

Not every system needs large speakers — and TAD, having introduced the flagship R1TX floor lamps from the Reference series a year earlier, developed CR1TX rack acoustics in their image and likeness, which was included in the Compact Reference series. The model was announced in March, and in the summer its sales started at home, in Japan.

The basis is still the same: the coaxial speaker CST (Coherent Source transmitter), embodying the concept of a point source, in which the midrange housing controls the dispersion of the tweeter.

We also note beryllium diaphragms for medium and high-frequency emitters, a low-frequency speaker with a membrane made of TLCC material — a light and hard foamed acrylamide sandwiched between layers of aramid fiber — and a proprietary acoustic design of the case with optimized ports for phase inverters. The diameter of the midrange is 16cm, the tweeter is 3.5cm, and the bass is 20cm.

The thick, heavy and thoughtful body is also in place — the frame of 21mm birch and the walls of 30mm plywood are decorated with veneered MDF on the outside. As a result, one column without racks, purchased separately, weighs 46kg. The design, as with the R1TX, used green and red veneers with a beryl-inspired pattern from Tendo Mokko.

This model differs from the flagship floor lamps in the number of low-frequency speakers — it is only one and plays from 32 to 250Hz. The coaxial emitter is responsible for the range from 250Hz to 100kHz. The CR1TX sensitivity is 86dB. In Japan, acoustics can already be purchased for 2,800,000 yen (about 26000$). Racks will cost another 280,000 yen (about 2600$).

Source: https://tad-labs.com/

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