Thöress EHT Integrated – Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Thöress introduced the EHT Integrated amplifier, built on a hybrid concept. The component combines a tube input single-stroke stage on two 6j5gt triodes and an output stage implemented on field-effect transistors. The output buffer with a single gain operates with a high idle current. According to the manufacturer, such a hybrid concept, called EHT (Eintakt Hybrid Triode), organically combines the advantages of both a lamp and a transistor. The integrated amplifier provides 15 Watts of power in class A when operating on a load with a nominal resistance of 6Ohms.

Particular attention was paid to thermal stability and short circuit protection systems during the design – and, according to Thöress engineers, the introduction of these systems did not affect the sound quality. Of the distinguishing features worth mentioning is the manual assembly of the amplifier.

The Thöress EHT Integrated amplifier is equipped with four line inputs on high-quality gold-plated RCA connectors. The appearance of the new product is traditionally reminiscent of military vintage electronic equipment for Thöress products. Included with the amplifier is an equally brutal wireless remote control. Its functionality is extremely concise — you can use it to adjust the volume.

In Europe, the Thöress EHT Integrated amplifier can already be purchased for 8,950 euro.

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