PowerOne by Andrea Pivetta: 44 bipolar transistors and up to 1,200 watts per channel

Italian technology designer Andrea Pivetta presented his next creation – the PowerOne amp. The novelty will not be able to compare with the Opera Only amp – the most powerful amp in the world, according to Pivetta. However, 2×300 W on 8-ohm speakers and 2×1200 W on 2-ohm load indicate a good power reserve.

These conclusions are confirmed by the design of the amplifier. Four toroidal transformers with a capacity of 800W each with triple insulation are installed in the aircraft aluminum housing.

Andrea Pivetta PowerOne

Eight diode bridges are connected to them, the pulsations at the output of which are quenched by 12 Kendeil aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a capacity of 6,800 μF each. 44 high-current bipolar transistors operate in the output stages. The novelty is promised a THD + noise parameter of up to 0.002%.

Andrea Pivetta PowerOne

One such amplifier is installed vertically and is an object of approximately one meter in height and weighing 108 kg. The model is backed by a 5-year warranty and is available in three versions, any of which can be assembled to order.

Andrea Pivetta PowerOne

Andrea Pivetta did not specify a price for the PowerOne. A real customer can find out her by e-mail.

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