Tex Tone Art Speakers: designs from famous New Zealand musicians and artists

New Zealand company Tex Tone announced the release of its series of acoustics Art Speakers. In fact, this is the main product of the company — two-lane shelves Tex Tone Classics. However, their bodies are hand-painted by famous new Zealand musicians and artists: Chris Knox, David Kilgour, Nicola McLaren and Robert Scott. You can learn more about each of them on the Tex Tone website.

As for the acoustic features of Tex Tone Art, they have the same characteristics as Tex Tone Classics. Acoustics received a technological tweeter with a soft dome, concave in the center of the membrane. A proprietary 6.5-inch speaker is responsible for low-to-mid frequencies. It has a low resonant frequency (Fs) of 29Hz for its class, which is largely due to the bass capabilities of the speakers.

This is also facilitated by the Tex Tone Classics office. It is glued from 24 layers of 18-layer plywood from Baltic birch. Each such layer is cut on a CNC machine. Then all the layers are sequentially glued into a single monolithic array and undergo additional processing manually. As a result, the housing has the properties of a monolithic part.

Such technology allowed to obtain high antiresonance characteristics in combination with acoustically and aesthetically effective geometry. While non-designer Tex Tone Classics cost 6,900 New Zealand dollars (about 4500$), Tex Tone Art Speakers in any of the proposed finishes will cost 8,900$. Aluminum coasters can be purchased for an additional 1,400 dollars per pair.

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