Chord Company Bridge: audiophile PSU port plug to reduce high-frequency noise

The British the Chord Company has temporarily expanded the catalog with specialized audiophile bridge plugs for PSU ports (connector for connecting an external power module). According to the manufacturer, the bridge plug will significantly reduce the level of RF noise, which will have a positive effect on the sound.

According to the company, at the prototype stage, the plug was tested by owners of Naim Audio NDX network players. Allegedly, the owners of these devices noticed the difference and spoke well about the accessory.

Chord Company Bridge

The basis of the Bridge is made of aluminum, inside the plug is used branded insulation Taylon and a special damping polymer. According to The Chord Company, their PSU stub is significantly superior in quality and effect to conventional complete stubs.

In the UK, a new audiophile accessory was asked for 500 pounds. The manufacturer noted that the number of bridge plugs is very limited — there will be no mass production.

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