Focusrite Red 8Line audio interface: thunderbolt 3 connectivity and an extensive set of professional technologies

The red 8Line audio interface from Focusrite Audio Engineering is a professional-level Studio device for working with sound. One of the main features of the model is the fast thunderbolt 3 interface. The manufacturer also highlighted the red Evolution microphone preamps, analog line input, DigiLink, support for Dante technology, work with the signal via ADAT and S/PDIF.

Focusrite itself positions Red 8Line as the most functional and advanced audio interface for any DAW on macOS and Windows (all the necessary drivers are available). Special emphasis was placed on Pro Tools: the interface is fully compatible with this DAW program and has two mini-DigiLink ports for seamless connection to specialized avid sound cards.

Focusrite Red 8Line

In addition to the two red Evolution microphone preamps built into the Red 8Line (phantom power, gain control, RF filter, phase, Air mode), the user can also connect external preamps.

On Board there are independent monitor outputs (two channels), eight linear balanced inputs/outputs, the already mentioned DigiLink, network ports with Dante support for 32 channels, 16-channel ADAT and standard s/PDIF input/output for stereo. Similar to other interfaces in the series, Red 8Line supports analog-to-digital conversion (and Vice versa) as 24-bit/192 kHz.

Focusrite Red 8Line

The front panel of the Red 8Line is equipped with three displays that display all the basic information and signal parameters. Also on the facade there are two connectors for musical instruments and two headphone outputs. The audio interface comes complete with Focusrite proprietary SOFTWARE and plug-ins.

Among other things, Focusrite noted that Red 8Line can work in conjunction with the Rednet R1 desktop controller, which will help the user manage a virtual Studio and will expand monitoring capabilities up to the output of audio to the 7.1.4 system in Atmos format.

In the US, the cost of the Red 8Line audio interface based on Thunderbolt 3 was $2,600.

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