The Fyne Audio F500SP: Magnesium tweeter, FyneFlute suspensions and BassTrax inverter

The Fyne Audio F500SP is the successor to the F700 in the senior line. However, the F500SP was added to the Special Production lineup, and now there are three models in it. The previous two were floor standing speakers: F502SP and F501SP.

From the 700-speakers the novelty got one-inch magnesium tweeter, which is installed in a specially designed waveguide. The 15-cm IsoFlare midrange is also borrowed from the F700 – in it you can see the external suspension with “notches” FyneFlute.

Fyne Audio F500SP

F500SP is a bass inverter speaker, but as a port here is used BassTrax system, which forms a circular directionality from the working down nozzle. Sound accuracy is enhanced by the aluminum plate, which is also the base of the speaker.

Components and circuitry of the F500SP crossover are also partially taken from the F700 – there are coils, polypropylene capacitors and even silver-plated Van Den Hul Matched Crystal wiring. The novelty provides for band-by-band connection with four terminals of acoustic cable. There is also a fifth terminal on the back of the speaker – ground.

Fyne Audio F500SP

According to the company, the F500SP was personally customized by the brand’s technical director, Dr. Paul Mills. The speakers are handmade in Glasgow, Scotland, and are finished in either black or white as standard. There is also a premium lacquered walnut veneer option. The F500SP will go on sale in September.

The Fyne Audio F500SP speakers will cost £1,300 per pair in the UK. Walnut veneers will cost another £200 extra and the optional FS6 stands will cost another £500.

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