Designer Lav Hulten came up with a VOC-25 music synthesizer with plastic jaws and waveform

Famous Swedish designer and inventor Love Hulten presented his next unusual creation. The VOC-25 vocal synthesizer is a musical “miracle machine” based on a keyboard and a separate module with settings and plastic jaws.

Each key is tied to its own jaw, which opens and “sings” when the key is pressed. It looks scary, but at its core, the VOC-25 is a very functional music device.

You can download samples via USB, and adjust the sound will help the controls on the main module. There is also a round monitor with waveform visualization. The synthesizer is equipped with built-in speakers, but the signal can also be output to external speakers.

Like some of Hulten’s other works, the synthesizer with jaws will not go into the series. We were shown only a non-commercial concept. However, the designer proved that musical instrument manufacturers still have room to grow.

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