VSX technology allows you to compare the sound of different studios in headphones

Steven Slate of the American firm Slate Audio partnered with the California – based company Scaeva Technologies to create a simulation system for reference monitoring. This technology will allow you to hear how a particular track sounds in different rooms using different equipment. You can change the models of headphones, Studio monitors, Studio acoustics, move to a large hall or car interior.

The technology is based on a software environment developed by Slate Audio that uses plug-ins to emulate acoustic conditions. Collaboration with Scaeva Technologies allowed the development of the Steven Slate Audio VSX headphones equipped with beryllium drivers for this system. As stated, they are distinguished by accurate sound, flat amplitude-frequency response and a sufficient margin for sound pressure.

Slate Audio VSX technology

For them, Scaeva and Slate jointly invented the patented Acoustic Ported Subsonics (APS) technology. According to the two companies, this is “an innovation in authentic reproduction of sub-low frequencies in headphones”. The parameters of the Steven Slate Audio VSX headphones allow you to take full advantage of Slate Audio technologies.

Slate Audio VSX technology

The VSX plugin uses algorithms developed by Slate Audio for modeling binaural perception (BPM). According to the developers, they allow you to accurately reproduce the three-dimensional sound of famous mixing studios, mastering rooms, car stereos, night clubs, audiophile listening rooms, and industry-standard headphones.

The VSX system’s headphones and software cost $480 in the US.

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