Gryphon will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Antileon amplifier with the release of a limited series of monoblocks and stereo devices

Gryphon’s Antileon series of amplifiers has been around for 25 years — and the company decided to celebrate this round date with a very limited series of anniversary monoblocks and stereo power amplifiers. The company will produce only 25 Gryphon Antileon Anniversary monoblocks and the same number of stereo amplifiers.

The differences from the usual Antileon are purely cosmetic. The aluminum frame is engraved with the phrase “Antileon EVO Anniversary” and the serial number of the amplifier. The transformer cover, located on the top panel, will be decorated with a Golden bas-relief of a Griffin.

Along with the amplifiers, the kit will include the original Antileon EVO print and a special booklet describing all the generations of Antileon, written by the company’s founder Flemming E. Rasmussen. The release of the models is dedicated to Joseph Rideger, who represented Gryphon in Australia for the past 33 years — unfortunately, he died in October.

Gryphon 25th anniversary Antileon

The company also congratulated everyone who preferred Gryphon devices in their system — according to brand representatives, it is thanks to users that the company continues to exist to this day.

The cost of amplifiers from the limited series Gryphon has not yet been reported.

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