Cardlax EBW: TWS Cleaning Machine

Headphones should be monitored, especially for intra-channel ones — their sound ducts can easily be clogged with earwax if the owner does not maintain the necessary ear hygiene. For those who don’t even want to clean their ears, and it’s disgusting to look at dirty headphones, Cardlax has introduced an EBW headphone cleaning machine on Kickstarter — though only for fully wireless ones.

Visually, it resembles a micro version of a vertical-loading washing machine. Under the flip-down lid there is a separate brush, with which you can manually clean large pieces of dirt from the headphones, and a rotating drum.

Cardlax EBW

But the drum is not filled with water: it already contains a sponge made of the same material from which make-up sponges are made, soaked in a special disinfectant solution (based on 70% alcohol). The spray with the solution is included in the kit, the sponge is removed — and it can be safely washed under water. The machine is powered by USB-C.

According to the company, the headphones can be cleaned in two minutes, and the machine will last for at least six years of use. The list of headphones that the device is suitable for cleaning is quite wide — it includes devices from Apple, Samsung, Jabra, Bose, Soundcore and many other companies.

The project has already collected the necessary amount on Kickstarter — with a goal of $5,000, the Cardlax EBW account already has more than 27,000, and the fundraising will last until the beginning of June. You can buy the device for $33, delivery is scheduled for June.

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