Study: most young people can’t drive without music

Ben-Gurion University (Israel) conducted a study that showed that listening to music while driving in the modern world is not only possible, but also necessary for many drivers. This is especially true for young drivers under 30 years old.

According to the survey, the majority of young people (about 80% of 140 participants), in principle, cannot drive a car normally without music.

Almost all drivers (97%) said they listen to short songs on long journeys. About 65% said they commute to work with fast tracks. Over 75% listen to dance music while traveling and on weekends. In any case, without musical accompaniment, drivers cannot concentrate and calmly follow the traffic.

Professor Warren Brodsky explained that these days the average young man consumes “a huge amount of information” every day, so music, being part of this endless stream of information, is almost unable to interfere with anyone. On the contrary, it helps.

Older people who consume much less information can do without music. At least they don’t have a constant need to absorb information.

Despite all of the above, Warren Brodsky expressed fears that in the future, music in the car could still become a problem: for example, the driver of a self-piloted car, if necessary, should be able to instantly distract from the music and concentrate on the road. In other words, music should not become the main task of the brain – the head should first of all be busy with traffic.

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