Record Store Day 2021 will be held in two days: June 12 and July 17

Record Store Day in 2021 will run over two days: Saturday 12 June and Saturday 17 July. The organizers took into account the pandemic experience of the last year. Then a few rescheduling of dates and the holding of Record Store Day in the UK for three days brought quite a positive result.

The first of the two dates was announced back in December. And so far, the transfer was not needed. And the addition of one more day, according to the organizers, will allow “the largest number of stores and record companies to participate in the event”.

More than 230 stores will take part in Record Store Day in the UK this summer. And although it would be very interesting to take part in this personally, as always, many will be able to trade only via the Internet. Nevertheless, the dynamics of the fight against Covid-19 allows organizers and all music lovers to hope that some of the Record Store Day 2021 events will still be able to go live.

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